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Chiara Beccalossi awarded Visiting Fellowship to Dartmouth College to contribute an international collaborative project

Friday, 13 September 2013

Chiara Beccalossi was awarded a residential Visiting Fellowship  (July–August 2013) at Dartmouth College in the US to contribute to the international collaborative project Towards a Global History of Sexual Science, 1880–1950 led by led by Professor  Douglas Haynes and Dr Veronika Fuechtner. The project examines the transnational history of sexological ideas and practices as they circulated between Europe/North America and Asia, Africa and Latin America. Over the seven weeks of the seminar, participants addressed such issues as the efforts by Western sexologists to disseminate their views in non-European regions; the emergence of local advocacy of sexual science; the role of sexual science in constituting "modern" sexualities; the encounter between indigenous conceptions of sexuality and sexological ideas; the transformation of sexology in Asian/African/Latin American contexts; the connection between sexology and birth control outside of Europe/North America; Orientalism and sexology; the connection between sexology and eugenics in Asian/African/Latin American contexts; sexology, nationalism and anti-colonialism; Orientalism and sexology; as well as other relevant topics. As part of this project, Dr Beccalossi has been actively involved in a number seminars and gave a talk entitled ‘Latin Eugenics and sexual knowledge: international networks and sexual norms across the Atlantic’.