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Debut novel for MA Creative Writing student about to be published

Thursday, 17 March 2011

"...In the summer of 1983, Olivia and Eve find a baby abandoned in a phone box. The girls are 19, on holiday by the sea with their friend James.  The events of that summer cast a long shadow as their lives unfold through careers, marriages and motherhood.  When they meet again 25 years later, the baby in the phone box returns to haunt them and they are forced to confront the truths that have remained hidden for so long..." The Partridge and the Pelican, MA in Creative Writing student Rachel Crowther's debut novel, explores the complexities of motherhood, the power of secrets and the enduring ties of friendship. It has been endorsed by acclaimed authors Penelope Lively (“a well-crafted first novel”) and Julie Kavanagh (“an exciting debut”). The Partridge and the Pelican is being published by Hookline Books on April 11th, 2011, and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon. Rachel’s website (www.rachelcrowther.co.uk) contains questions for book clubs, photos of locations from the novel, music clips and many other resources to complement the novel.