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Dr Glen O'Hara launches new book, 'Governing Post-War Britain', in London

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dr Glen O'Hara, Reader in the History of Public Policy at Oxford Brookes University, launched his new book at University College London on the evening of Tuesday 8 May. Attendees included representatives from the worlds of academia, public service, business and consultancy, and they heard Glen's PhD tutor, Professor Kathleen Burk of UCL, praise Dr O'Hara's work as 'both rigorous and important'. Dr Andrew Blick, from Democratic Audit, argued that the book had 'much to teach us about public policy', while Glen himself argued that much more sensitive and historically-informed government decision-making might have avoided the policy quandaries and inconsistencies in NHS reform, Higher Education tuition fee debates, and defence procurement. The book, covering a wide range of post-Second World War policy dilemmas, is now available to buy online.