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Dr Michael Lister briefs policymakers on anti-terrorism research findings

Monday, 14 February 2011

Dr Michael Lister, of Oxford Brookes’ Department of International Relations, Politics and Sociology, has, along with Dr Lee Jarvis of Swansea University, recently disseminated the findings of an ESRC research project to policymakers and civil society activists.  The seminar was a briefing of the main policy relevant findings of their research into attitudes to anti terrorism measures amongst the UK population.  Held in London on 14 January 2011 the seminar was attended by members of organisations such as the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Metropolitan Police Authority and the Institute for Race Relations.  Dr Lister and Dr Jarvis also presented their key findings at the Research Council's UK Global Uncertainties Programme Strategic Plan Consultation in London, an event attended by civil servants and academics from a range of backgrounds concerned with UK security. ( read the report )