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Dr Tina Managhan's article on US antiwar movement published

Monday, 27 June 2011

Oxford Brookes' Dr. Tina Managhan has had an article, entitled 'Grieving Dead Soldiers, Disavowing Loss: Cindy Sheehan and the Im/Possibility of the American Antiwar Movement', published as part of a special issue in the latest volume of the journal.  This special issue, which was the accumulation of a series of discussions initiated at the 2008 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, seeks to investigate the other spaces of war and spatialising logics of war that are absented and yet sustain the processes of meaning-making taken for granted in neoclassical geopolitical analysis of warfare (specifically, in this case, the War on Terror).  Dr. Managhan’s contribution explores the racialized and gendered terrain of American politics that made expressions of support for the troops a necessary precondition for legitimate dissent – in ways that tentatively enabled the war protester to occupy an inhabitable space within the cultural landscape, albeit by circumscribing what could be felt, said and heard.