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Education Department celebrates Research Week

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Education Department celebrates Research Week

The School of Education has recently celebrated its research strengths through a range of events during the week of June 19th-23rd.

Dr Sasanne Walan from Karlsbad University in Sweden, visited to find out about primary science education research at Brookes,in particular the projects led by Deb McGregor on the use and impact of drama to learn science.

The week also included the annual primary science conference, led and organised by Helen Wilson and contributed to by some School of Education PhD students. The one-day conference involved more than 100 delegates and included presentations on the use of magic in science, storytelling, using drama, the effectiveness of science fairs, and many examples of ways to ‘wow’ and engage children in thinking about science.

The week was rounded off with the School of Education research conference, attended by members of staff and collaborating academics from as far afield as Hawaii. The theme of the conference was ‘Being an Educational Researcher’, and the keynote speaker was Professor Rowena Murray from the University of West of Scotland, who invited delegates to consider their styles of academic writing and offered many tried and tested strategies for improving publications. Her presentation was described as a ‘real treat’ by many.

After an opportunity to present research papers, the day itself was shaped around a symposium inviting staff to deliberate over big research questions, such as ‘What is data?’ and ‘How can we ethically research with children?’  

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