Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

English: a subject in trouble?

Friday, 01 November 2013

Simon Kövesi co-authors a “state of English” article in the Times Higher With Professor Robert Eaglestone of Royal Holloway University, the Head of Department, Dr Simon Kövesi, published an article in the leading platform for debates about UK Higher Education policy – the Times Higher Education Supplement, on 31 October. The article argues that nationally English is in trouble: from GCSE, through to A-level, and on to Higher Education and even in the way English research will be published. “Nobody seems to be joining up the dots publicly,” says Simon. “Bob and I thought that it was high time to assess the impact on English of a variety of government changes to educational policy, across all tiers, because there are some worrying implications for English – which still remains the largest of the humanities in the UK. Yet some trends and pressures are emerging that are pushing students away from the study of literature especially. Yet English has been pretty quiet about it all, thus far.”