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Faculty staff recognised as best dissertation supervisors

Tuesday, 01 May 2018

Juliet, Dan and Nick - Brookes Teaching Awards

The winners of the Brookes Union teaching awards 2018 were announced at an awards dinner held on Thursday 15 March. Juliet Henderson, Senior Lecturer in Communication, Media and Culture, was awarded the Brookes teaching award for 'Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor'.

Juliet has taught at Brookes for 17 years, and she received some impressive testimonies from her students. One student commented: "Juliet has been an excellent supervisor as she has offered invaluable support and guidance throughout the dissertation journey." Another student said: "When the going got tough, she was prepared to lend a helping hand to ensure that my work was heading in the right direction whilst simultaneously encouraging me to develop my skills as a researcher in my own right" A third student commented: "Her enthusiasm and passion for the field of applied linguistics, which is also reflected in her own research and teaching, inspired me to choose my topic as well as continuously working on my dissertation."

The runners-up for the Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor category were also Humanities and Social Sciences staff. Professor Dan Lea (English Literature lecturer) and Nick Swarbrick (Education lecturer) both received excellent nominations praising their commitment and support towards dissertation students. 

The Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor category is relatively new to the Brookes Union teaching awards, but it recognises the emphasis and importance the University place on student research.

On receiving her award, Juliet commented “It feels sort of strange to be given an award for something I love doing so much - supervising students in their research journeys”.

She later added, she was very pleased to see the work being done in her Faculty to encourage and support students in their work, and help them get published. The last student research poster conference happened on Friday 13 April 2018 in the JHB Forum.