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First World War register digitised

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

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A register detailing the names of staff and students from Westminster Training College who served in the armed services in the First World War has recently been digitised.

The book, which contains information regarding their regiments, when they started serving, when they were demobbed and their home addresses, is now available on Oxford Brookes’ online database.

‘This is of particular importance now that we are currently in the period of commemoration and reflection about the Great War, and allows us to understand better many of the other events that were happening during this time.’

Dr. Peter Forsaith, Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University with care of the Westminster College archives, continued

‘What seems extraordinary is the loyalty of students – some of whom had left 20 years before – who kept the College informed about their postings, promotions or injuries, and even if they were taken prisoner.  While most were soldiers in the trenches, a number enlisted in other forces – and particularly the new air services. Westminster being a teacher training college, a number served as education officers. After the war two large volumes were compiled with photographs of those who had served. Did other Colleges keep similar registers, and so memorialise their alumni? There is fertile ground here for research.’

If you would like to know more about the archive, please email ocmch@brookes.ac.uk