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Further Success for the School of Law in the ESU/Essex Court National Mooting Competition

Friday, 11 March 2016

Law students mooting in Headington Hill Hall

Students from the School of Law have defeated the University of Gloucestershire in the second round of the ESU/Essex Court National Mooting Competition.

The students, who are both studying on the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) programme, will now progress to the third round of the prestigious national competition, as Oxford Brookes looks to take home the prize for the second year running.Mooting is the traditional method through which law students are introduced to practical experience of courtroom advocacy. They compete against an opposing counsel and before a judge making it is a crucial training exercise.James Fennemore, who was part of Oxford Brookes’ winning team of 2015, said:

“Mooting provides an excellent opportunity to research in much more detail an area of law that you might have covered only in passing on the GDL, which is by necessity a fast-paced and introductory course. You really get to know the case law and the issues at stake, and so it's a very satisfying way of complementing the ground-work done in lectures and seminars.”

James has recently accepted pupillage from XXIV Old Buildings for 2017 and hopes to practise as a barrister once he qualifies.He added:

“For anyone interested in the Bar, it also gives you essential advocacy experience: preparing a skeleton argument, arguing your case on your feet, and addressing questions from a judge. Besides being very good fun in itself, this is excellent preparation for pupillage interviews, which often involve a discussion of a recent moot or a similar advocacy exercise.”

The third round of the ESU/Essex Court National Mooting Competition will take place on Thursday 17 March 2016.More information about studying at Law at Oxford Brookes University can be found on the School of Law webpages.