Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Grant awarded to improve Primary school science, numeracy and literacy

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oxford Brookes’ School of Education has secured a £270,000 grant, in partnership with Science Oxford (SO), from the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF). The grant will be used to fund a project to improve attainment in science, numeracy and literacy in Oxfordshire Primary Schools. The project will involve Brookes and Science Oxford working closely with 40 Oxfordshire Primary Schools. The University and SO will train two teachers from each participating school, providing them with ideas and techniques for improving attainment in science, literacy and numeracy. SO and Brookes will be working in partnership with EEF to study the effectiveness of the project. The project will be concluded with a conference open to all Oxfordshire Primary Schools to share results and findings. Helen Wilson, Programme Lead for Primary & Early Years Teacher Education said: ‘This project builds on the findings of a previous research project that Oxford Brookes undertook in Oxfordshire between 2002 and 2004, which demonstrated a clear link between creative, challenging science and raised attainment. We are looking forward to building on the findings of that project to benefit schools throughout the county.’ Bridget Holligan, Head of Learning at Science Oxford added: ‘I am so excited to receive this grant and to have this opportunity to work more closely with Oxford Brookes University to make a real difference to the teachers and pupils of Oxfordshire. Bridget added: ‘Pupils have a natural enthusiasm for science as they love to find things out and do things for themselves and we know from our own experience that creative work in science helps to develop a wide range of skills including thinking, problem solving, speaking and listening and handling data. This is our chance to prove it!’ The project will begin in September 2012 and run until September 2015.