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History of Art academic featured in award-winning film

Friday, 30 September 2016

Christiana Payne News

Professor of Art History Christiana Payne has featured in an award-winning film, highlighting the work of landscape painter Jeremy Gardiner.

‘Pillars of Light’ won a coveted prize at the fine arts film festival in Santa Barbara last summer, and ties in closely with Christiana’s own research regarding landscape painting.

Gardiner first approached Christiana after her bookWhere the Sea meets the Land was published in 2007. Gardiner’s interest in landscape and geology resulted in the publication of a book, The Art of JeremyGardiner: Unfolding Landscape, with a chapter contributed by Christiana.

Since her book had helped to inspire him to take on the challenge of painting light houses along the south coast, Christiana was asked if she wished to participate in a film about his work.

Regarding the filming Christiana said: “It was a fascinating experience, I spent a whole day chatting to him in his studio about his work, and then watched him paint along the Dorset coast.” When asked what it was about his work that was so special, Christiana explained: “He told me how he saw the world in a series of lines and abstract shapes, I particularly like his work due to his use of strong and emotive colour.”

Jeremy Gardiner's lighthouse paintings are currently being exhibited at the Paisnel Gallery, Bury St, London (until October 14) with a full-colour catalogue, with an essay by Christiana Payne.