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History professor briefs press on electoral prospects

Friday, 06 January 2017

History professor briefs press on electoral prospects

Oxford Brookes History Professor Glen O'Hara has been speaking to the press about electoral prospects in the lead-up to the next UK General Election.

Glen is an expert on political history and polling, and has been commenting on the prospects of the different parties, given the unprecedented political turbulence of the last year. 

He spoke to The Guardian about the likelihood of a Liberal Democrat' revival, arguing that it had limitations. He commented, “Lib Dem recovery was always going to be spotty and uncertain: going after remain as hard as they can is a good strategy. There are lots of remainers everywhere – even in Copeland [the Cumbrian seat recently vacated by Labour’s Jamie Reed], which was according to the best figures, 60% leave. That’s a lot more votes than you’ve got already when you’re on 10% in the national polls.

He also spoke to Al Jazeera, detailing the Labour Party's difficulties in a new political landscape defined by right-wing populism and Brexit. He was sceptical about the prospects for an electoral pact on the Left, telling Al Jazeera that “British voters don't and won't like the idea that elections are being ‘stitched up’ - decided behind closed doors - and might react against being told who to vote for.”

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