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Inspiring tomorrow's teachers in outstanding teacher training

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Two Mile Ash Initial Teacher Training Partnership, which collaborates closely with Oxford Brookes, has been deemed as ‘outstanding’ in their most recent Ofsted inspection. The inspectors reported that, amongst many other qualities, the partnership produced “outstanding teachers”.The partnership has a history of achieving the top level Ofsted accreditation, and the outstanding performance of the partnership continued as, in collaboration with Oxford Brookes, the partnership transformed into a school-centred initial teacher training provider (SCITT). The Two Mile Ash partnership was praised in particular for producing trainees who ‘develop quickly into good and outstanding teachers’.Through this collaboration, Oxford Brookes is able to offer graduates the opportunity to complete their study in a school-based environment. Mandy Winters, Principal Lecturer for Educational Partnerships explains:

Two Mile Ash school is one of our most valued partners. It has an innovative approach to school-centred initial teacher training and works with us to develop progressive professional development beyond the training years. The Two Mile Ash partnership works to fuse the best of school practice expertise and university research expertise. Together, we offer a model of leadership and growth in teacher education throughout the region.