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Law academic releases new publication on the use of force during warfare

Monday, 03 April 2017

Use of force in warfare

A new publication by Dr Michael John-Hopkins explores the legal framework and current uncertainty around the use of force during warfare.

The Rule of Law in Crisis and Conflict Grey Zones: Regulating the Use of Force in a Global Information Environment was published last December by Routledge.

Michael said, “It is vital that  force is used in an effective manner during warfare: this means being sensible and nuanced in our approach and applying combat operations, law enforcement operations and diplomatic operations. My book evaluates different military scenarios to help clarify when military force should be used.”

Michael has also had an article accepted to the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, entitled Mapping War, Peace and Terrorism in the Global Information Environment: Law and Strategy. The article explores how organised crime, terrorism and unconventional conflict in the 21st-Century is shaped by online activity which can foster global connectivity and asymmetric responses to conventional military supremacy.

Dr Michael John-Hopkins is a senior lecturer in the School of of Law.