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Law alumnus runner up in Legal Hackathon

Monday, 12 March 2018

Global Legal Hackathon team

Adetokunbo (Toks) Hussain graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2014 with an LLB in Law.

During his time at Brookes he was President of the Student Law Society. He now works for ADR-ODR International as a Civil-Commercial Mediator. He recently took part in the Global Legal Hackathon and his team was awarded the position of runner up for the UK.

Toks explains “The purpose of the hackathon is to create solutions that improve the legal industry on a world-wide scale. Our idea was to create artificially intelligent software that would assist litigants in person, and improve access to justice.”

Toks acted as team captain, and brought his team together from scratch. The majority of the team has a technology or design background and the rest come from a legal background.

Toks has taken part in hackathons before now, including one at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in 2014. Following his involvement in this particular event, he was invited to attend a counter-terrorism summit in Paris held by the Quilliam Foundation and Kofi Annan Foundation. At this event he voiced his perspectives on how best to counter extremist content online.

Speaking about his motivation to take part in these events Toks said, “I am clearly a technology enthusiast and as the digitisation of the legal system seems almost inevitable, I believe in the transformative power of law and technology. In my undergraduate studies, I was awarded the highest score in the Computer Law and Intellectual Property module and my essay on Cyber-Hate was published in The Barrister. Importantly, it is also my strong desire to see greater access to justice that inspires me to get involved in these events.”

The next step for Toks’ team is to fully develop the app. Full details of his team’s project can be found on the Artificial Lawyer website. The event was also covered by the Law Gazette.