Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Lemur Conservation Network launch

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dr Giuseppe Donati, Senior Lecturer in Primatology and Biological Anthropology, is one of 40 academics who have joined together to create The Lemur Conservation Network, which launched at the end of February.

The Lemur Conservation Network is a website that brings together information about lemur researchers and conservation programs and functions as a portal for the general public and those who are interested in donating to lemur-related causes. There are fascinating pieces for all areas of interest, including Getting Started as a Volunteer Lemur Keeper.

Giuseppe, researcher as part of Oxford Brookes Nocturnal Primate Research Group, was one of the lemur experts in 2013 who put together the Lemur Conservation Action Plan, a $7 million concrete action to save the lemurs of Madagascar (which appeared on Science one year ago; Schwitzer et al. 2014).

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