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Leverhulme Trust to fund Primate Conservation research at Oxford Brookes

Monday, 21 March 2011

Oxford Brookes’ Department of Anthropology and Geography has secured a prestigious Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant totalling £201,403, for research into "The Only Poisonous Primates: Ecological Context & Function of Slow Loris Venom". The project, led by Dr Anna Nekaris, starts in May 2011 and will support a three year PhD Studentship and Postdoctoral Research Assistant. The research involves fieldwork combined with laboratory work and will attempt to resolve why and how the seemingly cute and cuddly slow loris is the only primate to produce a biological venom. Understanding the nature of slow loris venom should also have implications for the conservation of this seriously threatened primate, a popular but illegal pet, widely traded on the black market. www.leverhulme.ac.ukMSc Primate Conservation