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MA Creative Writing lecturer at top of bestseller list

Thursday, 03 May 2018

MA Creative Writing lecturer at top of bestseller list

The Shortest History of Germany raises several questions, seeks answers and challenges misconceptions about what makes Germany what it is today.

To set the scene of the present day in The Shortest History of Germany (Old Street Publishing), Dr Hawes paints a historical backdrop featuring West Germany, which was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and East Germany, which was the stronghold of the Prussians. At its heart is a story of division and unity which continues to play a crucial role in Europe.  He also traces the rise of populist politics and Hitler’s meandering path to power. 

Dr Hawes says, “My whole teaching practice at Brookes is based upon the idea that there are essential building-blocks to every story, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, narrative, drama or poetry”.

Certainly the most comprehensive and vivid history anyone could expect to find at that length… I don't know of a better short history of this great country.

Philip Pullman, globally acclaimed writer and Brookes’ Teaching Fellow Philip Pullman says of the work which comprises 266 pages and over 100 images

Dr Hawes is the author of six novels with Jonathan Cape. His other book of nonfiction is Englanders and Huns about the culture clash between England and Germany.

Double Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel has publicly said that Brookes "is internationally recognised as a leader in Creative Writing". The MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes gives students an opportunity to explore writing skills through a range of genres.