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MA Creative Writing student wins scholarship to national writing festival

Tuesday, 08 July 2014

[caption id="attachment_4479" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Matthew Perryman is pictured sixth from left with the other scholarship winners, and Judith Heneghan, left, festival and scholarship scheme organiser.[/caption] Matthew Perryman, a current student of the Oxford Brookes MA Creative Writing, attended the 34th Winchester Writers' Festival, held 20–22 June 2014, after receiving one of ten scholarship positions offered to writers aged 18–25 for showing promise in the field of creative writing. The annual event offers talks and masterclasses by writers, publishers, agents and other figures, as well as providing an opportunity to network and learn about various aspects of the literary world. Matthew met with four literary agents, to whom he presented a sample from his first novel, The Fall of Schubert Fearfield, a literary adventure in which the alleged corruption of an esteemed London kingpin rattles the capital's foundations. Three of the four agents asked to see more of his manuscript as a result of the event. The literary agents were especially interested in Matthew’s place on the Oxford Brookes MA Creative Writing programme, and the writers to which it has allowed him access, as well as the writing that he has been working on, including Into The Pit, which was recently published in the scientific fiction journal Lablit.