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Oxford Brookes Philosopher Launches a Short Story Competition

Monday, 11 July 2016

Oxford Brookes Philosopher Launches a Short Story Competition

Dr Helen De Cruz, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Oxford Brookes is organising a short story competition for the American Philosophical Association, to inspire writers of philosophical fiction.

 The aim of this competition is to encourage philosophers to use fiction to explore philosophical ideas.
“As the competition is open to everyone, including students, it is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at a slightly different way of doing philosophy”.Senior Lecturer Helen De Cruz

Dr Helen De Cruz also added “I am very pleased to be able to organise this short story competition for philosophers, thanks to the support of a grant from the Berry Fund for Public Philosophy of the American Philosophical Association. In addition to a cash prize of $500 and publication in Sci Phi Journal of the winning story, we also plan to publish an edited volume of the stories submitted that make an excellent contribution to philosophy.”

It is with a renewed interest in philosophical fiction that this competition has been launched. Philosophical fiction allows writers to explore ideas that cannot be easily dealt with in the format of a journal article or monograph. Some philosophical ideas are better expressed in a story than in a traditional essay, as works by Iris Murdoch and Jean Paul Sartre suggest.

Writers are encouraged to submit stories that cover any genre of fiction, although they must include one or more philosophical ideas. Submissions should be at least 1,000 words and no longer than 7,500 words.

 Further details and entry criteria can be found here.

The deadline for entries is 1 February 2017.

More information on the Philosophy course at Oxford Brookes can be found here.