Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Oxford Brookes Students visit Parliament

Monday, 18 March 2013

On Tuesday 12 February, a group of Brookes undergraduates spent a day at the Houses of Parliament, as a part of one of the undergraduate modules, Modern British Politics. After a fascinating historical tour of the Palace of Westminster, and a quick view of Deputy Prime Minister's Questions, the students met with the Liberal Democrat MP, Tom Brake (pictured), who is also Deputy Leader of the House of Commons. Students asked questions concerning the reform of the House of Lords, the future of the Liberal Democrats, the functioning of the coalition government and responsibilities of being a minister. In the afternoon, students had a presentation from a Parliamentary Outreach Officer on the functioning of Parliament and sat in on a select committee hearing. One student, Alena Hirnerova commented that the day was 'soaked with history and packed with experience and information'. Another, Matthew Bush, said 'I found the trip engaging and truly insightful. From meeting an MP to receiving a lecture in how the British parliament work, I felt the trip provided the best opportunity in understanding the British political system. The greatest aspect of the trip was being able to relate from the trip towards the lecture room.'