Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Oxford Brookes to host workshop on 'Vulnerability and the Politics of Care'

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


On 21-22 January 2016 Oxford Brookes University will host a workshop on the topic 'Vulnerability and the Politics of Care'.

The two-day intensive workshop will explore vulnerability and its ethnographic, historical, aesthetic, and political manifestations. Ten invited presenters and five respondents will initiate discussions and link across disciplinary boundaries, challenging prevailing notions of power, gender, corporeality, infrastructure and security.
Confirmed speakers from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes include Tina Managhan (International Relations), Beverly Clack (Philosophy), Emily Cousens (Politics) and Jason Danely (Anthropology). In addition, there will be six other speakers from the UK and Italy.
There are a limited number of additional places available for other participants so if you are interested in attending please contact Doerthe Rosenow on the email address supplied below by 31 December 2015,  specifying whether you would like to attend the whole workshop or select parts of it.
For more information or to register please contact Doerthe Rosenow directly at drosenow@brookes.ac.uk or see the event listing.