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Parisian adventures for Brookes Art History students

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Every spring, Oxford Brookes second-year History of Art students get the opportunity to study in Paris. Students and staff stay in a hostel converted from 17th-century houses in the Marais, a centrally located and extraordinarily evocative area. A broad range of guided visits are offered; this year they range from highlights of the great collections of the Louvre to Monet's Water Lilies at the Orangerie, from the Gothic glories of the Sainte Chapelle to Le Courbusier’s modernist masterpiece, the Villa la Roche. The field trip to Paris is a very important feature of the Brookes History of Art programme. Students undertake it in the second semester of their second year, so it stands right at the heart of their course. The field trip is not only a great academic experience, but also a valuable social one, giving the whole second year an opportunity to spend an extended period together. The guided visits provide the opportunity to concentrate in detail on individual works, small groups of works or monuments, thus building on the experience of studying works of art and architecture at first hand that forms a central part of our teaching. For most students it proves to be an unforgettable part of their Oxford Brookes degree.