Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Peace Nobel Prize Event held at Headington Hill Hall

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On the October 12 2012 the Norwegian Nobel Committee took the decision to award this year’s Nobel Peace prize to the European Union.  Following this announcement Sonia Morano-Foadi, director of the Centre for Legal Research and Policy Studies at Oxford Brookes University, and her colleagues Stelios Andreadakis and Martina Gillen decided to organise an event to commemorate this occasion and echo the view of the European Parliament President, Mr Martin Schultz, who declared that “the Nobel Peace Prize was for all EU citizens”. This event was held on Monday December 10 in Headington Hill at Oxford Brookes University for guests celebrate the historic award of this prize. The event included an address from the former head of the European Commission Representation in the UK Mr Jonathan Scheele, a speech by the deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford Mr Mohammed Abbasi, remarks from Mr Bob Price on behalf of Oxford City Council and piano recitals by Mr Andrew Kopkin a Senior Lecturer from the School of Law.  Pictures from this fantastic event can be seen below