Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

PGCE physics with maths

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The School of Education is delighted to announce the addition of physics with maths to the secondary PGCE course for 2012-2013. Furthermore, this new subject specialism has had all its places filled for the year. Physics with maths now joins the other five subject areas that students can specialise in at Brookes which are science with chemistry, science with physics, maths, English and modern languages. This one year course prepares each student to teach pupils in the 11-18 age range. The course is divided into eight modules and these contain two strands,’ Contemporary Issues in Education’ and building on this, ‘Subject Studies’. During the course students spend 24 weeks in partner schools in order to gain valuable experience in a classroom environment; during this time students are mentored by classroom teachers and supported by university tutors. The government has already confirmed that they will offer bursaries for students wishing to study the physics with maths PGCE next year and so this popular course looks to continue to go from strength to strength