Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

PhD student, Jennifer Wong, awarded Santander Project Grant to interview Beijing-based Chinese poets that engage with the notion of place

Friday, 31 January 2014

PhD student, Jennifer Wong, has been awarded a Santander Project Grant of £1000 to travel to Beijing, China. The project will involve Jennifer interviewing contemporary, Beijing-based Chinese poets that engage with the notion of ‘place’ in order to understand the ways in which Western poetic traditions have shaped their poetic imagination, and to translate a selected portfolio of works by these poets for publication. As a practice-based part of the project trip, she will also plan to give 2‑3 poetry readings from her latest book, Goldfish, at local schools or universities in Beijing that will make reference to her personal experience on cultural divides. Through these readings, Jennifer plans to share her poetry on border-crossing and the idea of place and will help her to collect student responses to these poems. She also hopes to demonstrate the convergence of East and West poetic traditions, and to survey the students' response towards her poetic style or 're-imagining' of the notion of place within the 21st century globalised culture.