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Pictures of the Science Bazaar HoM event 'Boils aRe Us'

Monday, 14 March 2011

Pictures of the Centre for Health, Medicine and Society's 'Boils aRe Us' stand at this year’s Science Bazaar hosted by Oxford Brookes University as part of the 2011 Oxford Science Festival. While our stand on Bonn Square during the OSF 2011 launch event on the 26th of February offered a wider audience brief illustrative and hands-on histories of the bubonic plague, small pox, anthrax and many more gory diseases, the second event staged as part of the OBU Science Bazaar adopted a different perspective: That of the plague doctor. With the Science Bazaar primarily catering for children in the age groups 5+ and 8+ (this being the first time under 5s were included), we offered the clearly eager young minds a foray into the history of the bubonic plague and its relevance to the wider history of medicine. That is, we helped them craft their own plague doctor masks and take part in our plague history quiz - and thanks to a remarkable turnout the scissors never seemed to get a minute’s rest! Part of the HoM Centre’s Wellcome Trust Strategic Award Outreach Programme, the two Boils aRe Us events would not have been possible without the kind help offered by Simon Wilson, Julia Hyland, and the Brookes Events Office that set the stage. Thank you very much to all involved in making our Boils aRe Us such a success!