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Prof Joy Hendry's new book edition

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The second edition of Joy Hendry's Introduction to Social Anthropology was launched at the Oxford Brookes branch of Blackwells Bookshop on April 10th, 2008, courtesy of the publisher, Palgrave UK.

From left: Catherine Travers (editor from Palgrave, Valerie Rose (copy editor), Prof Hendry and Emily Lyle (commissioning editor)

This is a revised and updated version of the book which is used by first year anthropology students in many universities. It contains two new chapters, reflecting a changing focus in the subject, and several new features, including a first person account from a representative of people that the anthropologists quoted have worked with, in almost every chapter.

The author and some collaborators, from left: Helen and Mick Ganly, Masako (daughter) and Hiroko (mother) Ford, Harvey Whitehouse, Maria Hernandez White, Prof Joy Hendry and Leonor Leiria

The new sub-title of Sharing Our Worlds, rather than the previous Other Peoples Worlds, was intended to reflect this shift of focus, and it was encouraging that some of the people featured in the book were able to be present at the launch. The event was introduced by Head of Anthropology and Geography, Dr. Christian McDonaugh, and attended by a wide range of people from inside and outside the University, including the commissioning editor Emily Salz and special editor Catherine Travers.

Prof Hendry and Dr Chris McDonaugh