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Professor of History to be interviewed by TV journalist for programme on history of witchcraft

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Professor Johannes Dillinger, who lecturers in Early Modern History, has been asked to partake in an 90 minute interview with Berlin TV journalist Roland May for a broadcast called the Hexenwahn ‘Witchcraze’.

Professor Dillinger, who has published extensively on the subject, has won various prizes such as the Heisenberg Scholarship for outstanding researchers and the Spee Award for major contributions to the history of witchcraft. Additionally, his PhD, entitled Evil People, was translated into English and was innovative in the comparative methodology it developed. It is available here.

Professor Dillinger also lectures in Early Modern History, with an emphasis on the magical heritage one can find in contemporary pop-culture as well as everyday life. 

The programme is due to broadcast next year. It will be aired by all broadcasting stations of Germany’s ARD network. Italian and English versions of the programme will be available. To find out more information, please visit the Professor’s staff page here.