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Professor showcases research in week-long feature on BBC Oxford

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tina Miller

Tina Miller, Professor in Sociology at Oxford Brookes University will be taking part in a series of short radio features all next week on BBC Oxford to highlight her research into managing modern family lives (21-25 September).

Tina was awarded a one year British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship in 2014 to carry out a project entitled Managing modern family lives: public understandings and everyday practises of caring and paid work.

Professor Tina Miller said: “Societal ideas about who cares for children have often assumed that women are naturally more able to care than men. These ideas arise from arguments about women's biology and destiny, and men's historical association with paid work.

“But as more women contribute in significant ways to the workplace and may decide not to have children, ideas of biologically-determined capacities to care come under scrutiny and provide opportunities to think in new ways about men as carers too.”

As part of the project, Tina has collaborated with BBC Radio Oxford to put together a series of short features on managing work and family life, with a particular focus on family experiences in Oxfordshire.

The live features will be included in BBC Oxford’s mid-morning show with presenter Kat Orman starting Monday 21 September and concluding on Friday 25 September with a phone-in from listeners on their experiences of managing work and family life, child care issues and so on.

The features will take the listener through the social, political and historical changes which have led to the family configurations and patterns of paid work and caring responsibilities that are seen today. The ways in which other countries, such as Sweden, support families organising care and paid work will also be explored as well as the current, often complicated, child care arrangements that working families in the UK have to negotiate.

She continues: “This is a fascinating opportunity to share topical research findings with a large audience of radio listeners, many of whom will have first-hand experience of the daily challenge of combining paid work and caring responsibilities. Is a balance possible, who’s involved in providing care and could new policies support families in more helpful ways? These are some of the questions we will be exploring.”

Guest contributors will also include Professor Lars Plantin of Malmö University in Sweden and the historian Professor Joanne Begiato (Bailey) also from Oxford Brookes University.

Tune in to BBC Radio Oxford from 10am all next week. You can also listen online and listen again to any features you miss via their website.