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Professor William Gibson to write the introduction to the reigns of George I and II (1714-1760)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Professor William Gibson of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion has been commissioned to write the introduction to the reigns of George I and II (1714-1760) for the new British State Papers project. The project will make all of the State Papers of British monarchs available online. The State Papers, housed at The National Archives, are the principal source for British history. The State Papers for the reigns of George I and II include accounts of the 1715 and 1745 risings as well as evidence of the emergence of cabinet government and of Walpole as perhaps Britain’s first prime minister. The overall editor for the eighteenth century section of the State Papers Online project is Professor Jeremy Black of Exeter University. Professor Gibson said of the project ‘the State Papers from this period are an invaluable source for how the British state and political systems were developed in a period of dynastic crisis and alarms. My earlier research on the work of the King’s Decypherer under George I and George II drew on the State Papers and considered one key aspect of the development of the State: secret intelligence which emerged during this period to keep abreast of Jacobite threats.’

The State Papers Online Project is a collaboration between The National Archives and Gale Cengage.