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Pupils join Brookes for Mexican Day of the Dead

Wednesday, 07 November 2012

Sixty pupils from six Oxfordshire Secondary Schools celebrated the Mexican Day of the Dead at Oxford Brookes on Monday (5 November).

The event was part of the Routes into Languages South initiative which aims to promote the importance of languages and widen take-up amongst 14-19 year olds and university students in England.

The day was led by Karen Kruse, Spanish Co-Oridnator, who has first-hand of the festival known as el Dia de Muertos. As part of the event, Mexicans celebrate the life of the deceased by setting up altars in their memory and leaving offerings of food and drink. The belief is that the souls of the dead return for a meal with the family.

The day at Brookes included many interactive, cultural and language activities. This included the pupils learning new vocabulary, creating papel picado (perforated paper) crafts and building their own altars to honour recently deceased celebrities.

The event was also accompanied by Mexican Mariachis who performed to the pupils throughout the day and serenaded them during breaks when authentic Mexican food and drink was served.

Karen commented: “This is the second year we have run a Mexican Day of the Dead at Brookes and the reaction from the pupils and their teachers has been fantastic. It is a truly creative and informative day which not only increases our community outreach work with schools but importantly helps to make a real difference in widening take-up of languages.”

Routes into Languages is a consortium of universities working together with schools and colleges, to enthuse and encourage people to study languages.