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Questioning the impact of issues shaping biopolitics in the twenty-first century

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Questioning the impact of issues shaping biopolitics in the twenty-first century

On 4 July 2017 Oxford Brookes hosted a one-day workshop focusing on the subjects of spatiality and biopolitics in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Organised by the Critical Approaches to Law Research Group, biopolitics is the intersectional field between biology and politics. It views life itself as an object of governance, and examines how both individuals and populations as a whole are incorporated into the process of governing human society'

The workshop, which was organised by Law lecturers Chris Lloyd and Dr Andreas Kotsakis, drew upon expertise from a range of academic fields, including law, architecture, politics, and philosophy.

The day featured six speakers: Dr Maia Pal, lecturer in International Relations and Politics at Oxford Brookes, Dr. Hayley Gibson and Nick Piska from Kent Law School, Dr. Emma Patchett of the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities, Dr. Thanos Zartaloudis, from Kent Law School and the AA School of Architecture Association and finally Professor Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos of the University of Westminster.

The workshop organisers commented: “The day saw discussions revolve around recurring themes such as governance and property, the intention of biopolitical control, and the management of those at the 'edges' of spaces which are legally or politically manipulated. Overall it was a great success and we will be organising similar events in the future.”