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Research group within the School of Law to publish special issue on criminal law and the internet

Monday, 23 October 2017


Chara Bakalis and Chris Lloyd, both members of the ‘Criminal Law and Criminal Justice’ Research Group within the School of Law, are set to publish a co-edited special issue of the journal Information & Communications Technology Law entitled ‘Dangerous Speech and Images: Regulating the Internet.’

Academics from Lancaster, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, and Aberystwyth Universities have cooperated over the past two years on the special issue. The journal issue critically examines criminal law relating to child pornography, obscenity, ‘cyberhate,’ ‘sexting,’ and the category of what is ‘grossly offensive.’ This is achieved by situating criminal law issues in the context of contemporary internet regulation and then offering insights into policy reform, critique, and doctrinal scholarship to better understand the legal challenges the internet presents to the criminal law.    

The ‘Criminal Law and Criminal Justice’ Research Group promotes and shares ideas linked to criminal law, criminal justice and criminology. Its members take a broad approach to the study of criminal law and criminal justice, writing on a number of different topics such as hate crime, sexting, criminal law and religion, sexual offences, critical approaches to criminal law, and the relationship between socio-legal theory and critical legal theory.

Both Chara Bakalis and Chris Lloyd, will be applying some of their findings from the research process to interactive public-access lectures in next year’s ‘Think Human Festival.’ Chara will be talking on ‘cyberhate’ and Chris will be talking on ‘sexting.’ 

The special edition will be released in Spring of 2018. More information can be found on their staffpages or on the research group’s.