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Sabine Chaouche's scholarly journal, European Drama and Performance Studies

Monday, 18 November 2013

Reader in French Studies and expert in Theatre, Dr Sabine Chaouche, who launched a bilingual peer-reviewed journal entitled European Drama and Performance Studies earlier this year, has announced that work on seven editions is already underway, with a Shakespeare special issue planned for 2016 featuring John Golder as editor. Two editions of the journal are to be published annually by the prestigious Editions Classiques Garnier, and even after publication of the first edition, the title has attracted considerable acclaim for its quality content.  David Lowe, Head of Collections at the University of Cambridge, has confirmed that a subscription to the journal has been secured, referring to it as “fundamental as far as our collections are concerned”. The first issue focused on the development of popular entertainments from 1715 to 1864 but subscribers will enjoy a range of interdisciplinary topics over coming editions, such as the Economy of Contemporary Theatre, Rhetoric of Silence, Iconography, Dance and Music-Hall. Dr Sabine Chaouche says: “Creating an academic journal, especially a printed edition series, is an exciting venture. The editorial board and I have reviewed a range of fascinating proposals in the past year; I am particularly proud to lead a journal which offers the opportunity to explore different aspects of the performing arts and which has already had an international impact. “The title given to the journal is broad in order to include different approaches relating both to the text (Drama) and the history of theatre and performance practices in Europe. My objective is to foster international collaborations but also to support early career researchers aiming to disseminate their research findings.” The journal features articles emphasizing historical, cultural, practical, or literary aspects of works, as well as interdisciplinary or comparative subjects. It also encourages a focus on primary sources or barely known documents, as well as those that apply theoretical and critical approaches. Articles can be submitted either in French or English.
European Drama and Performance Studies has already attracted a variety of international contributors including J.D. Lyons, Guillaume Peureux, Jean-Claude Yon, Hélène Laplace-Claverie, Catherine Nesci, Michelle Tolini Finamore (curator Boston Museum), Mathias Auclair (curator of the Paris-Opera Library), Jacqueline Razgonnikoff (curator of the Comédie-Française), Mark Darlow, Georges Banu, Joël Huthwohl, Sophie Proust and Peter Raby.