Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Senior Lecturer, Dr Dinah Roe, talks literature and reading on Resonance FM

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On June 11 at 9pm, Senior Lecturer in English Literature Dr Dinah Roe was a guest on Lit Bits, a weekly radio show on Resonance FM that examines literature from surprising angles. Resonance FM 104.4 is an arts radio project broadcast that seeks to act as ‘a platform for sound and radio art, experimental art practice, specialist music, free speech and deep thought’. The topic was Literature and Reading. The programme posed the following questions: ‘Where do we read? How do we read? Why do we read? Is reading still relevant in the 21st century? How did Samuel Pepys read naughty French literature? And what does any of this have to do with a town in Berkshire?’ Dinah discussed authors including Milan Kundera, Louisa May Alcott and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and incorporated responses from her followers on twitter about their own reading habits and preferences.