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Senior lecturer in sociology researches the migratory experience of women

Monday, 25 September 2017

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Maja Cederberg, a senior lecturer in sociology, is currently researching the migratory experiences of women emigrating from the Baltic states to the Uk.

Dr. Cederberg aims to explore the experiences of highly educated female migrants from the Baltic countries who are living and working in the UK. Their experiences are explored through the method of biographical narrative interviews, where the migrant women are encouraged to talk about their experiences. A core aim of the research is to explore changes to women’s socio-economic and social status as a consequence of migration. 

The research will contribute to the literature on women’s migration in an East-West European migration context. It will also provide a timely contribution to debates on intra-EU mobility in relation to the political process of the UK leaving the European Union, by considering the experiences and future plans of a group of migrants whose right to live and work in the UK follows the policy of free movement within the EU.

When this research is finished, Dr. Cederberg is keen to explore what effect Brexit will have on the migratory experiences of women

More information can be found here.