Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sociology lecturer talks at ‘Vietnamese Londoners’ exhibition launch

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Oxford Brookes Sociology lecturer, Dr Tamsin Barber, will be talking at the launch event for the ‘Vietnamese Londoners’ exhibition at Oxford House, London, on July 7.

The exhibition will explore the British Vietnamese experience in London through photographs taken by Julia Thanh- who is herself a Vietnamese Londoner. The project aims to raise the profile of the British Vietnamese community by focusing on second generation Vietnamese as they negotiate dual values and cultures.

Tamsin will be talking about her research on the British Vietnamese community and the specific issues and challenges raised by her British-born Vietnamese participants. This will be based on her 2015 monograph ‘Oriental Identities in Super-Diverse Britain: Young Vietnamese in London’.

Tamsin's book addresses the experience of the British-born Vietnamese as an overlooked minority population in 'super-diverse' London. Responding to calls for understanding a greater range of experiences and identifications associated with disparate ethnic minority groups in 'super-diverse' urban settings; her empirical research explores a culturally and politically marginalized minority to develop theorizations of less visible minorities. Tamsin's research asks what it means to be Vietnamese in Britain today and how belonging is understood amongst young British-born Vietnamese.

For more details, please visit the exhibition website.