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Student field trip to Modern Art Oxford exhibition

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Modern Art Oxford

Education Studies students recently attended the first major UK solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Cinthia Marcelle at Modern Art Oxford.

 This field trip forms part of the Cultural and Arts-Based Learning module run by Oxford Brookes’ School of Education.

This module examines how different cultural activities can be addressed in education. It involves exploring how cultural sites, cultural artefacts and arts-based activity can be used in learning contexts. Students apply the theory learnt in class to practical activities carried out in Oxford’s museums and galleries. This helps them to analyse how working with arts and cultural artefacts can support learning.

Module leader Rachel Payne commented: “Experience, risk-taking and the generation of meanings through discussion are at the centre of learning in and through the arts. This means that it is vital that students are provided with opportunities to apply theory in practice if they are to understand arts-based pedagogy.  During the visit to Cinthia Marcelle’s exhibition students were asked to respond collaboratively, using a range of materials provided by the gallery to create an artwork. Students have varied levels of confidence when working with contemporary art, but they embraced the risk-taking and liberation of there being no defined or ‘right’ answer. By making in the gallery, and then reflecting on experiences afterwards, students were able to experience a creative pedagogy at work.”

Cinthia’s installation, The Family in Disorder: Truth or Dare, was created in the wake of rising social inequality caused by multiple political and economic crises, both in Brazil and across global society.

Education Studies students will also be given the opportunity to visit the Pitt Rivers Museum after Easter to explore creative thinking. There they will be working with the Museum’s handling collection.

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