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Students secure excellent teaching positions in schools

Friday, 08 March 2019

PTE News

BA Primary Teacher Education students at Oxford Brookes University have recently secured excellent teaching positions in prestigious schools.

The students involved, who are deservedly very happy about the success of their nascent teaching careers discuss their feelings and how the course has helped them out along the way.

“I was delighted when I found out that I had got the job as it was the first school that I had applied for and my academic advisor has been very helpful in supporting me throughout this process. I found the seminars very helpful in preparing me for the process of applying for my teaching job as I was able to prepare myself with possible answers to the interview questions and roughly knew what to expect throughout the whole interview day. I have enjoyed the BA Primary Education course and have felt that I have had good support and feedback from all members of staff from each module.” Charlotte Sparks, Primary Teacher Education.

“This course has opened my eyes to all the factors involved in being a primary school teacher but in a way which meant I was confident in tackling each one. Due to this, and previous interview practice within our seminars, I knew that even if I didn’t get the job, I was confident in giving the interview 100%. As it was, they offered me the job there and then in my interview. I feel this is largely due to the preparation and professionalism which the course offers whilst encouraging us to be the best teachers possible” Izzy Dawes, Primary Teacher Education.

Oxford Brookes is proud that its graduates are so often found working with such reputable employers all around the world. The School of Education works hard to train well rounded and accomplished teachers; having their graduate’s value recognised by such employers is great evidence that they are achieving this aim.

Principal Education Lecturer Lorna Shires is delighted with the success of Education students throughout the years, as she says “Oxford Brookes has been educating teachers for many, many years. The number of people taught by one of our alumni during those decades is almost immeasurable. We are so very proud of our 2019 cohort of new teachers joining the profession this coming September and being snapped up now by schools in the region and beyond.”

The Primary Teacher Education course provides a helpful balance of theoretical and practical learning, with the aim of creating well-rounded graduates who are prepared to think critically and innovate, while also excelling in the day to day practicalities required of primary school teachers.

As Bethany North, Primary Teacher Education alumni puts it: “My favourite part of the course is the focus on practical learning. Tutors and lecturers work hard to not only provide us with the theoretical understanding behind education and learning but they also provide us with practical opportunities.”

The School of Education teaches these practical classes in subject-specific classrooms making for a simulated primary school setting and these classes include performing activities that would be used in actual primary schools. This provides inspiration for the both the decor and activities used in the future classrooms of Brookes alumni. Take Claire Holloway’s use of drama to teach Shakespeare for example.

Whilst initially offering students a great variety of subjects, in the 3rd year of the Primary Teacher Education course, students also have the opportunity to specialise in an area of teaching that they find particularly interesting such as Maths, Health and Wellbeing, English, Inclusion and Science, again, preparing them for when they are fully fledged primary school teachers.

To see some of the practical classes from the Primary Teacher Education course please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bjf5dv4Mqc

For more information on the Oxford Brookes School of Education and the full range of courses they offer please visit: www.brookes.ac.uk/school-of-education/