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Swedish funding for Oxford Fatherhood network

Friday, 06 December 2013

Miller, Tina

The Oxford Fatherhood network established by Professor Tina Miller following a dissemination event as part of a British Academy award has been awarded funding of just over 29,000 Euros (£25,000) by a Swedish funding organization RIKSBANKENS JUBILEUMSFOND.

The award is a result of a successful application made to the funding body by Professor Lars Plantin of Malmö University, who is a member of the network. The network comprises a collaboration between 15 researchers from 12 universities in the UK, Italy, Sweden and Denmark and the funding will facilitate the production of a special issue of the journal, Families, Relationships and Societies to be published in January 2015. A series of meetings allied to the special issue and the development of future research bids will be hosted at Oxford Brookes University, Bristol University, Malmö University and the Catholic University in Milan throughout the coming year.

Professor Tina Miller said she was delighted at the outcome of the Swedish application, adding that: “This is a very welcome and significant boost to the continuation of the Fatherhood research being undertaken at Oxford Brookes University. The special issue of the journal will bring together a timely and comprehensive overview of current scholarship on fathering and fatherhood drawing on different European contexts. The meetings will also support planning for a future (2020 Horizon) European funding application which the network plans to submit”.

Professor Lars Plantin, Malmö University, said the award “would do much to sustain the momentum of the network in the development of this important special issue. It will also be key in supporting the collaborative nature of the research by enabling all the members involved to benefit from valuable face-to-face discussion.”

The first meeting, hosted by Dr Esther Dermott, took place on 28–29 November 2013 at Bristol University, with the second scheduled for 20–21 March 2014 in Milan.