Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Travel Grant Award from the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK

Monday, 15 July 2013

Melanie Bashor, PhD research student in the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion, has received a travel grant award from the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK. In order to evaluate transnational development of multicultural education policy in a Canadian context, Melanie plans to travel to the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, Ontario to investigate the work done by Canada as a partner in international organizations devoted to education and human rights; and related national developments in the 1960s, focusing on identifying the Canadian concept of multicultural education. To accomplish this work Melanie applied for and received a £750 research travel award from The Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK.  She is grateful for the generosity of the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK and for the confidence in the potential of the work that she is completing that the awarding of this grant has shown. The quality and calibre of PhD thesis and that of her overall conclusions regarding the development of multicultural education policy, and its use as a primary instigator in the creation of an eventual tolerant society, will no doubt be greatly aided by this archival research.