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Triple Pupillage success from the School of Law

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Three Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) students (Jonathan Goddard, James Fennemore and Will Mitchell) have successfully secured pupillage contracts from some of the country’s most prestigious barristers’ chambers. A pupillage is a compulsory year of vocational training, similar to an apprenticeship, which all aspiring barristers must undertake before they can start practice. Competition to receive pupillage is fierce, with most chambers allocating only two or sometimes three contracts a year. Chambers look for excellent academic records, experience of the legal profession, and a demonstrated commitment to a career as a barrister. Jonathan, James and Will were all finalists in this year’s Oxford Brookes GDL mooting competition, and have represented Oxford Brookes in the ESU/Essex Court National Mooting Competition and the Inner Temple Inter-Varsity Mooting Competition – both of which were won last year by Oxford Brookes University. Will Mitchell, who will join Quadrant Chambers, a top commercial chambers specialising in shipping and aviation, said:
"The fantastic mooting opportunities provided during the GDL... were instrumental in allowing me to approach the interview as a credible and confident candidate."
Jonathan Goddard will join 4 Pump Court, a top ranked Chambers specialising in commercial law and James Fennemore will join XXIV Old Buildings, a leading commercial chancery set, from October 2017. Marc Howe, Principal Lecturer Oxford Brookes University, and a tutor to all three students said:
"We are very proud of the success of Jonathan, James and Will in obtaining pupillage in such prestigious barristers' chambers. All three have been outstanding in university and national mooting competitions, in which they have showcased the advocacy skills which will make them excellent barristers, and they wholly deserve their success in obtaining pupillage."
More information about studying at Law at Oxford Brookes University can be found on the School of Law webpages.