Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Mooting Final

Friday, 07 December 2012

Every year there is an undergraduate mooting competition, named after the late law lecturer Richard Ramsey.  The winners progress to represent Brookes in the national OUP/BPP Mooting Competition. This years winners were Edmund Gross and Krishan Chauhan who defeated Lawrence De Souza and Abaigh Compton in a hard fought final resided over by Professor Meryll Dean. There is also a GDL internal moot, the winners of which progress to represent Brookes in the ESU/Essex Court National Mooting Competition which last year was won by the Oxford Brookes team.  Next February, we will be sending undergraduate and GDL teams to participate in the one day Inner Temple Inter-Varsity moot.  Marc Howe and Andrew Kopkin are the law lecturers principally in charge of organising the mooting and mentoring our teams. We are hoping that this years teams can have as much success as previous years and continue to bring the trophies back to Headington Hill Hall.