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Artist Teacher Scheme exhibition: 'Visual Conversations' at The Jam Factory

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

jam factory

Current students on the Artist Teacher Scheme, which forms part of the MA Education, recently held an exhibition of their work at The Jam Factory in Oxford. The exhibition is part of the Action Research module, that is taken in the second year of the Artist Teacher Scheme course.

Students were tasked with organising the exhibition to develop their personal practice and establish their identities as artists. Visual Conversations illustrated the students’ creativity through the artworks that filled the exhibition and its installation. The viewer was treated to artworks created by utilising a range of artistic techniques and materials, which offered a engaging visual experience.

Subject coordinator Rachel Payne commented "The exhibition provides a backdrop to students identifying and addressing challenges or barriers in their artist teacher practice; for example, research projects address professional issues including investigating ways to develop visual practices through collaboration or media experimentation, examining how to market themselves through developing an online presence, and developing confidence in their artist teacher position by working with a public audience."

During the exhibition the artists hosted a series of creative and educational workshops that provided interaction with the public. The artworks and exhibition were created by Ali Moreton, Hannah Kinch James, Laura Hodgson, Monica Lewis and Sally Gunnett

The Artist Teacher Scheme (ATS) is a national programme of continuing professional development courses for artist teachers.