Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Viva success from the Centre for Medical Humanities

Thursday, 07 April 2016


The Department of History, Philosophy and Religion are delighted to announce two new Doctors of Philosophy: Dr Alexandra Barmpouti and Dr Hanna Choudhury, who both successfully defended their theses in March this year.

Alexandra’s thesis was entitled “Eugenics, Demography and Family Planning in Greece, 1950-1980: The Activities of the Hellenic Eugenics Society,” and was examined by Dr Tom Crook, from Oxford Brookes University and Dr Lisa Pine, from London South Bank University.

 Hanna’s thesis: “The Forgotten Children: The Association of Parents of Backward Children and the Legacy of Eugenics in Britain, 1946-1960,” was examined by Dr Viviane Quirke, from Oxford Brookes University and Professor Mark Jackson, from the University of Exeter.

Both projects were directed by Dr Marius Turda, Director of the University’s Centre for Medical Humanities, which seeks to bring together interrelated research across medical humanities and includes research specialisms in eugenics, forensic medicine and crime and race, immigrations and multiculturalism.

Speaking about the work of his students, Dr Marius Turda said

“These doctoral completions are the culmination of years of hard work and dedicated study on the part of Alexandra and Hanna, their success is richly deserved.”
He added:
“Their achievements also reflect the vibrant academic culture fostered by the new Centre for Medical Humanities in which both of them matured as scholars.”
These successes are a result of the first of five viva examinations taking place in the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion this semester.