• FAQs
  • FAQs

  • A1. You will need to log onto the Staff HR Portal which you can access via the internet. Input your username and password and you will be able to view your payslips and P60s on the Payments Tab on the left hand side. To print the P60 click on the P60 itself and then click on the Generate P60 button, it will open a new screen and you will be able to print the P60 from the new screen.
    A2. The new Staff HR Portal can be accessed from any computer linked to the internet anywhere in the world. This means you will be able to access the Staff HR Portal from any Pooled Computer Room on any campus, from the computers located in our corridors, from your home computer, from an internet cafe, from your smart phone or tablet. Please ensure you log out of the Staff HR Portal when you have finished and that your screen is not viewable by others as it is your personal information that you will be looking at.
    A3. To log into the Staff HR Portal, you will use your normal username and password that you use to access your work emails, for example. If you haven’t a username and password because you don’t normally use computers at work, then please go to the IT Service Desk on your Campus or the Library on your Campus and show them your staff card and and they will be able to issue you with a password.
    A4. You must ensure that all your staff have a username and password to access the Staff HR Portal which can be obtained from the IT Service Desk or the Library. You need to ensure your staff know where there are computers available for them to log onto in order to use the new Staff HR Portal if they don't use a computer for their role.
    A5. Manuals on how to access and navigate the Staff Portal can be found here.
    A6. When you log onto the Staff HR Portal you will be able to see all the information on the HR record and will be able to update anything that is out of date, or contact your Link HR Team.
    A7. Currently, all leave types are paper based using the leave card and can be booked in the normal way with your line manager. In the future we hope all leave types will be booked and authorised through the Staff HR Portal.
    A8. It is possible to define different levels of security within the HR and Payroll System so that specific members of staff, other than line managers, can also input sickness information. This may become available in a future phase of the Project.
    A9. The Staff HR Portal will hold this information for as long a you are employed by the University.
    A10. Yes, HMRC will accept payslips and P60s in this format.
    A11. Core does hold National Insurance numbers. The University must have a National Insurance number for you to ensure the appropriate deductions from your pay are recorded to ensure your entitlement towards state benefits are correctly assessed. If you do not have a national insurance number, you will need to apply for a national insurance number.
    A12. To see internally advertised posts please log into your Staff HR Portal, Click on the My Recruit Tab on the Employee Dashboard, this will show you the recently advertised posts, but to see all posts, click on the Advanced button. This will enable you to see all externally advertised posts, and the internally advertised posts which are not being advertised to anybody who is not an employee of Oxford Brookes University.