Performance and development review

  • Revised PDR Scheme 2018

    A new website is under construction and will be live shortly, please find all revised documentation below.

    Following consultation with staff and trade union representatives, VCG has approved a revised PDR scheme for implementation for the 2018 PDR round (April to July).

    In the light of feedback, the PDR forms have been simplified and the guidance notes have been updated. The main features of the revised scheme are:

    • Simplified PDR form.
    • New guidance notes for reviewers and checklists for reviewees.
    • Clearer objective-setting, both work-related linked to overall faculty and directorate priorities, and individual career/developmental objectives.
    • Retitling the scheme - the Performance and Development Review.
    • Encouraging the use of 1:1 meetings to review ongoing performance and development in place of the initial PDR and the Interim PDR.
    • Increasing attendance on reviewer and reviewee training.
    • Introducing the Academic Development Framework, AUA Professional Behaviours, Technician Commitment and Brookes’ Leadership Capabilities to help staff to identify and develop their key skills and development areas.
    • Working to achieve a higher completion rate with more staff finding the process effective.
    • Talk Time, which is an alternative to the PDR scheme, for grades 2 - 4 in Estates and Facilities Management and Learning Resources has been revised, in line with the principles outlined here for our PDR scheme.

    PDR Form:

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    PDR Guidance:

    Development frameworks:

    Talk time PDR:

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    February 2018