Redeployment scheme

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    Oxford Brookes University are committed to trying to find suitable roles for staff who have been displaced through organisational change and staff who are on fixed term contracts that are coming to an end (who have been recruited through the University Recruitment and Selection process).

    Redeployment is a process that attempts to match these staff wherever possible to suitable roles that are arising in the University before these roles are sent to advert. The University cannot guarantee that this will be successful but will make every reasonable endeavour to redeploy eligible staff.


    If you are eligible to be on the redeployment list then the first step to take is to work on your CV and ensure that your CV is up to date as this will need to be sent to HR along with your cover sheet. The cover sheet helps the redeployment panel match you to suitable jobs that arise. It is recommended that you are not too scripted in your answers on the cover sheet. Those staff seeking redeployment need to be as flexible as possible and be prepared for the possibility that you might have to consider changes to your place or pattern of work in order to find a suitable role. If you have any questions about whether you are eligible for redeployment or have any further queries please contact your link HR team. (also see redeployment FAQs and handling redeployments for additional information).

    Once you have established your eligibility please send your completed CV and cover sheet to who will add you to the redeployment list.


    Redeployment process flow chart (PDF 44KB)

    Once you are on the redeployment list, as job vacancies arise they are sent to the redeployment panel to see if they potentially match your skills and experience. If there are any vacancies that could possibly match, then these job details and person specifications will be emailed to you for your consideration.

    You will get one week to review the information and decide if you are interested in the post. If you are interested then please let both hrteam-er and the HR contact specified know as soon as possible. They will then contact the manager of the post and send them your CV. The manager of the post will contact you shortly after to arrange an informal chat about the position. The informal chat is the opportunity for you to talk to the manager and discover a little bit more about what the role entails.

    After you have had the informal chat, if you are still interested in the position then a formal interview will be held. A member of HR will always be present at redeployment interviews. The interview will consist of the same process, questions and if necessary tests as an external interview would have. The only difference is that when the panel are assessing your suitability they will consider if you could undertake the position with a reasonable period of adjustment and/or training.

    Once you have been successfully redeployed you will be removed from the redeployment list. If you are not redeployed then when your contact expires your employment with Oxford Brookes will cease (see handling redeployments).

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    Updated Jul 2014